Welcome to Le Spa Bath and Body Collections designed to nourish the skin and seduce the senses…Naturally!

Le Spa offers an array of uniquely designed collections for the bath and body. Each collection consists of different sizes and packaging of Aromatic Bath & Body Oils, Aromatic French Sea Salts and Aromatic French Milled Guest Soaps. Of course, our products are without mineral oil and never tested on animals!
Le Spa scents are exclusive to us and very special. Each is created with natural aromatherapy essential oils and essences... never synthetic fragrances. They are gentle and soft scents... the way nature intended.  There are four Aromatherapies: Romantic, Relaxing, Refreshing and Revitalizing. (The details of each aromatherapy are included in each collection.)

Each product has a hangtag that explains the story of the product, the scent, how to use the product and the ingredients. We have respect for the environment and offer packaging that is sustainable and green without unnecessary outer packaging that is thrown away by the consumer. Additionally, the consumer is able to remove the hangtag to display a beautiful product in her home without advertising. (The hangtags are not shown in the photos of the products.)

Specifics for Purchasing: Our minimums per case are small oftentimes just one piece. However, when more than one piece is required for a minimum case pack, please know that we will not ship your order without the correct minimums. Also, unlike other companies, you are able to pick and choose what you want from a collection. You are not required to purchase the entire collection!