Mason Design LLC, is an American family owned and operated design and manufacturing company in the United States. We specialize in French Milled Guest Soaps, Spa products, Sachets and Fragrant Seashells for home decor. Each product is made by hand in America. The products are Made-to-Order by our staff of skilled artisans. They carefully create each product and take pride in their work! The products are not mass manufactured!

The owners of Mason Design LLC have decades of experience working for prestigious, large cosmetic, fragrance, skin care and spa companies in the creation of award-winning products encompassing all the marketing phases of product ideation, research formulation, design, packaging and sales.

Refusing to be just-another-gift-line, each product is designed as a unique gift of elegance or whimsical decorative accent. The enhancement of the person, the senses and the home is the inspiration for Mason Design LLC.